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How to use this site and save time & money

Researching your requirements is a big task in itself and by the time you've worked what you need, you'll realise the choice of products that match them is huge. We have some features on this site that we hope will save you time, and also allow you to save your research so you can think about things before you commit to buying anything. Please take a minute or two to read this page - it will help you in the long run.

Step 1 - Size your equipment & requirements

If you know what size equipment you require, please scroll to Step 2 to learn the best way to research our huge range of pumps and filters.

Pond Pumps

Calculate your water flow requirements (litres per hour) - visit our how to size a pond pump section. There is advice on the effects of tube sizes, waterfalls and streams, friction loss etc...

Pond Filters

Visit our how to choose a pond filter section - here you can decide if you need a pressure filter, gravity filter, ultra violet clarifier, and the effects of the weather in your state and how to size your pond.

Step 2 - Search

Getting the most from this website

There are many ways to navigate to products. Products are categorised into sizes and type, or if you have a preferred manufacturer, you can browse straight to it using the menu on the left. Our advice to to browse the section that matches your flow requirements (in the case of a pump)

Example: Lets say we need a small submersible pump with a flow rate of approx 1500LPH. We'll click on Pond Pumps in the main menu, then choose the flow rate as below (1001-2000LPH):

Ok, we now have a list of 11 pumps:

In the top right corner you can sort the list by price and product. Click them twice to sort ascending or descending:

If you click on a product it will take you to the full product specification page. As you'll see from the example below, they can be very detailed and at times you'll find it quite easy to get lost.

Step 3 - Compare

In the illustrations above we have highlighted the compare buttons. Whenever you come across a product you think will fit your needs, click on the 'Add to comparison list' button. As you browse the site, these products will be added to a temporarily saved comparison list on the top right of the page:

If you click on Compare, you'll get a tabulated comparison list, and if any of the specifications differ, they will be highlighted in orange:

Step 4 - Save for later

If you've made a decision, please clcik on the 'Add to Basket' or 'Buy Now' buttons and proceed to the checkout. This process is similar to most other websites.

If you still want time to think you should use our wish list service. You will need to register (its free and we promise not to send you any SPAM). Once registered you will have the option to save your research in your wish list.

You can then return to the site in the future, login and retrieve your research at any time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@pondsupplies.com.au

Good luck!



How to use this website

How to choose a pond pump

What size filter do I need?

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