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0.5mm PVC Pond Liner 2 mtr wide

0.5mm PVC Pond Liner 2 mtr wide
Our price: AUD 20.00

PVC Pond Liners - Cozzie's thoughts - Select your length and don't be short

*** Please note - the Qty you select will be the length in meters that we cut from the 2m wide roll. If you want a piece which is 2m x 2m select a qty of 2, for 2m x 4m select a qty of 4 etc. ***

Suitable for a pond:
PVC pond liner 0.5 mm for any pond up to about 5,000 litres

Suitable for: PVC pond liners are ideal for Ponds, water features & aquaculture.  
What we liked: UV stabilized, this pond liner can be glued or welded, able to handle the cold and heat. They are popular due to its price point. 0.8 mm is thicker and a little bit more robust, but it is still flexible enough for easy laying. It's good value for money. 
Less than ideal: Not much we can find for its budget price, depends on its intended purpose, however, for area's where high puncture and wear resistance is critical also consider XAVAN by Dupont. Remember you get what you pay for.  Beware of dam liners they can be cheaper but are generally 0.1 mm thin.

Ideally suited for: Is suitable for ponds up to 5,000 litres and 0.8 mm up to ponds of 20,000 litres.
Other Liners of a superior type: Xavan by DuPont   EDPM Proliner  0.8mm PVC Pond Liner

0.5 mm PVC Pond Liner available 2,3,4,6,8 metres in width
Roll Width - metres 2 m 3 m 4 m 6 m 8 m
Price per linear metre. $9.50 per m² $19 $28.50 $38 $57 $76
Price per full roll. 30 metre rolls $810 (50 metres) $741 $872 $1,458 $1,944

# Rolls are subject to a freight charge - These costs are no longer covered by our standard delivery cost. We will contact you prior to delivery for a discounted charge.

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