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Welcome to Pond Supplies - an online supplier of pond pumps, pond liner, pond filters and algae water treatment products to the Australian market. We offer discount pumps and competitive pricing on filters, solar powered products and pond vacuum cleaners etc.


What projects have you got planned? - start digging that new pond - you've come to the right place. Delivery to almost anywhere in Australia is only $10, regardless of order size, so don't waste your weekends driving around the retailers in your town - simply visit our online store to browse our extensive range of fish pond equipment.



Pond Pumps

With one of Australia's largest ranges of pumps, we have tried to break down the huge number of categories so you can find what you're looking for. If you know the product you're after, simply browse by manufacturer. In most cases you need to work out water flow requirements, which you can do in our How to choose a pond pump help section. Other categories of pond pumps include;



Pond Filters and UV Water Clarifiers

Water filters and clarifiers are essential for maintaining a healthy pond, without or without koi/fish/turtles etc. Filtration systems perform one or several of the following functions:

  • Mechanical Filtration - traps debris in a material of some type for later removal during cleaning
  • Biological Filtration - provides an environment where beneficial bacteria efficiently feed on impurities in the water breaking down fish wastes and other organic matter
  • Ultra-Violet Clarification - causes single-cell algae (water-born algae) to clump together under the action of ultra-violet light, greatly increasing the efficiency of filtration.

All filters have a maximum pond volume that they are rated for. It is essential to choose a filter that is rated for the effective volume of your pond (with an allowance for fish stocking levels if applicable). Please calculate your 'Actual Pond Volume' and use this figure to calculate the 'effective volume' of your pond, adding in an allowance for fish stocking levels if necessary.

When you know what size filter you need, please visit our Pond Filter listing, or use the quick links below;


Most filters for mid-size and large ponds employ a combination of mechanical filtration and biological filtration, with ultra-violet clarification specified for particular pond types.

Depending on brand and model, mechanical filters can consist of layers of foam pads, trays of gravel, foam cartridges, or brushes. Some models combine several of these filtration media into one filter. In addition, many filters have a chamber containing plastic bio-media. These are specially designed plastic pieces 25 to 50 mm in diameter. Ten cubic centimetres of these pieces can contain as much as 1 square metre of surface area. This large surface area encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria colonies - the secret of effective bio-filtration. Once the colony is established, it converts ammonia from fish waste, dead organic matter and other impurities into nitrites and later into harmless nitrates which help promote the growth of plants.

Without help, it can take up to seven weeks for a bacteria colony to take up residence and grow large enough to be effective in a typical bio-filter. This process can be accelerated through the introduction of 'seed' bacteria, available either in dry, granular or liquid form. For more help see below or visit our 'How to choose a pond filter' help section.


Pond Vacuum Cleaners

Pond vacuums come in a variety of sizes as well as electric and manual versions. The manual types tend to be cheaper and use your garden water hose to create suction. The benefits of the electric versions mean water isn't added to your pond, as well as being faster and with no risk of adding chlorine to the pond.


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