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Pond Pressure filters - Cozzie's thoughts

Suitable for: Pressure filters are best for ponds which contain do not contain Koi and Turtles, their waste product do not break down as quick as the gravity filters. They are also great for ponds with high features and creeks.   

What we liked: We have several different brands to choose from, remember you get what you pay for, Cheaper at the top, quality at the bottom.  

What comes as standard on every filter: They all have different features, the better quality have UV lamps to kill algae. You are better off to buy a unit with a uvc fitted than to install one later 

Less than ideal: They are not suitable for Koi, unless they are the Oase Filtoclear 11000 and above.  

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 Manufacturer & Model Pond max volume. No fish, litres Pond max volume. Lots of fish, litres Maximum flow, litres per hour thru filter Backwash?? UV Clarifier included
 Laguna Pressure Flo 3000 UVC 3,000 700 1,250  See note 2  Yes 11 watts
 Laguna Pressure Flo 6000 UVC 6,000 1,250 2,500  See note 2  Yes 11 watts
 Laguna Pressure Flo 10000 UVC 10,000 2,000 4,000  See note 2  Yes 20 watts
 Laguna Pressure Flo 14000 UVC 14,000 3,000 6,000  See note 2  Yes 25 watts
 Oase Filtoclear 3000 UVC 3,000 1,000 2,500  Yes, see note 3  Yes 9 watts
 Oase Filtoclear 6000 UVC 6,000 1,500 4,500  Yes, see note 3  Yes 11 watts
 Oase Filtoclear 12000 UVC 12,000 3,000** 9,000  Yes, see note 3  Yes 18 watts
 Oase Filtoclear 16000 UVC 16,000 4,000** 11,000  Yes, see note 3  Yes 24 watts
 Oase Filtoclear 30000 UVC 30,000  7,500** 16,000  Yes, see note 3  Yes 55 watts

* These flows are what we recommend for flows thru the filter, several of the manufacturers have a lot more flow than what we recommend.
** These numbers are for Koi fish, Oase now have done their research and these are their recommendations.
Note 1 These filters backwash only washes the bottom of the cannister. Not user friendly. They are not what you would call a good filter.
Note 2 These filters have their sides of the filters pressed by the movement of large scrapers which you pull up and down, which are on inside of the filter.
Note 3 These filters have a handle which you pull up and push down to gently squeeze the foams located inside of the filter.

Laguna Pressureflo filters
Laguna Pressureflo filters
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Oase Filtoclear Pressure filters
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