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Oase Biosmart 18000 Gravity Filter

Oase Biosmart 18000 Gravity Filter
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High capacity mechanical / biological flow through with multi chamber filters for clear ponds. For ponds up to 18,000 litres with maximum flow rate of 5,500 LPH.

  • Special filter materials for effective cleaning
  • Simple connection to Oase Bitron UV clarifiers & pumps

The patented silt disposal system allows quick and easy cleaning of the filter and ensures if used correctly the continued development of micro-organisms.

These filters are generally pump fed filters and multi chamber filters, which do not only mechanically filter out dirt from the pond water but also encourage the colonisation of special micro-organisms for the biological filtration process.

Biotec was scientifically developed and tested, and guarantees that if used according to the instructions and in round the clock operation, crystal clear and biologically sound pond water.

During the past few years OASE has with Biotec 5 and 10 marketed the most successful filter concept available.

Biosmart 18000 and Biosmart 36000 are the direct follow-up developments of these great products.

Basically, these new filters are also flow though filters which have many advantages such as the rich supply of oxygen and high flow through rates.

Remaining fish food, fish excrement, dead plants and also petals, leaves and dust brought in by the wind pollute a pond with a surplus of nutrients. The closed system of a pond with liner or pre-formed ponds allows only a limited amount of nutrient exchange and decomposition. The consequences are often algae growth and murky ponds. Increased decomposition processes also pollute the pond with toxic substances, which will reduce plant growth and endanger the health of fish or other occupants of the pond.

The biological cleaning
This is where Biosmart 18000 and Biosmart 36000 get really active. The polluted water is fed into the filter system with the help of an Aquamax filter pump. The optimised filter surfaces trap the pollution particles and thus clean the pond mechanically. Additionally, the filter develops the all important biological environment to enable the nitrification in oxygen-rich conditions (blue and red filter foams). During this process toxic nitrite compounds are converted into other harmless compounds.

Biosmart 18000 and Biosmart 36000  furthermore offer the required volume and a sufficiently large filter surface area for the second stage of the decomposition of nitrite compounds, the denitrification (green filter foams). Here, in an oxygen poor area, micro organisms help to convert the end product of the nitrification process into gaseous nitrogen which can escape from the pond.

Easy cleaning – Systematically
The new cleaning concept of the Biosmart 18000 and Biosmart 36000 filters will satisfy even the highest expectations.

  • All filter foams are suspended. When they require cleaning they can simply be squeezed against the intermediate plate with the help of the cleaning lever. The integrated waste outlet can then be opened for the dirty water to drain out. By the way: This waste product is an ideal fertilizer for flowers.
  • A second water inlet to the filter assists the cleaning function. It can be connected to the mains water supply or a garden pump.
    A frequently asked question is: When do I need to clean my filter? Biosmart 18000 and 36000 have the answer.
  • An overflow at the intermediate platform leaves no doubt about any possible maintenance requirement

Very important: Enough oxygen in the filter at all times
The Venturi principle enriches the pond water with oxygen as it enters the filter so that there is always enough oxygen present for the nitrification process in the red and blue filter zones.

  • Furthermore, the filter has an external connection for an aeration pump (Aqua-Oxy). This way, oxygen can be added directly where it is required.
  • Before the cleaned water leaves the filter, oxygen is added once more at the discharge stage.
  • Particularly in hot weather a pond can suffer a lack of oxygen.
  • The thermometer displays the current water temperature and in autumn it indicates when the filter can be dismantled for safe over wintering. (Water temperatures below 6°C).
  • High quality materials and construction as well as functional design symbolise the new Biotec filter range

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