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Pondmate Pumps Small


Pondmate circulation pumps - what Cozzie thinks


Suitable for: Pondmate pumps are good for circulation, small waterfalls, fountain streams, pond filters (in-pond or external).

What was liked: The 2 year warranty on both the pump and impeller. The quality and features are excellent for the price point, very good value for money. The flow adjustment knob is easy to use and on the intake (suction side)(600-900-1500-2500) of the pump as it should be. Flow adjustment dial on models (900 upwards) when fountain kits used.
Best of all the reliability for the price has been excellent. This pump sits at the very top end of pumps made in China.

What comes as standard on every pump:    10 metre power lead, removable front foam nose cone with adjustable dial, available in either 240 or low voltage AC. Ceramic shaft. Thermal shut off.


Less than ideal:  Nothing from the price point

Other pumps of this type: Oase Aquarius Universal, Clearpond Infiniti,  Pondmate Low Voltage.

Pondmate Pond pumps 600P - 5400P
Made in China, 2 year warranty  600P 900P 1500P 2500P 3600P 4600P 5400P
Maximum litres per hour 600 900 1,500 2,500 3,600 4,600 5,400
Maximum head height - Metres. 1.3 m 1.5 m 1.8 m 2.7 m 2.8 m 3.5 m 4.0 m
Power usage in watts 8 20 25 45 55 70 95
Voltage of pumps 240 VAC 240 VAC 240 VAC 240 VAC 240 VAC 240 VAC 240 VAC
Length x width x height of pump - CM  21 x 4 x 6 27 x 7 x 7 26 x 5 x 8 23 x 6 x 9 15 x 10 x 10 17 x 10 x 10 17 x 10 x 10
Outlet threads size in MM 13 mm 13 mm 13 mm 13 mm 25 mm 25 mm 25 mm
Fresh and Salt water Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes*

 * Please note, there have been reports that a slight rust staining in some pumps from use in Salt water.


PondMate 1500P pump with foam filter
AUD 74.00
PondMate 2500P pump with foam filter
AUD 109.00
PondMate 3600P pump with foam filter
AUD 129.00
PondMate 4600P pump with foam filter
AUD 159.00
PondMate 600P pump with foam filter
AUD 51.00
PondMate 900P pump with foam filter
AUD 67.00
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