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Good Quality Liners

PVC Pond and dam Liners - Cozzie's thoughts

Suitable for a pond:  
PVC pond liner 0.8 mm for any pond up to about 20,000 litres.

Suitable for: PVC pond Liner is good for Ponds, water features & aquaculture.  
What we liked: UV stabilized, this pond liner can be glued or welded, able to handle the cold and heat. They are popular due to its price point. 0.8 mm is thicker and a little bit more robust, but it is still flexible enough for easy laying. It's good value for money. 
Less than ideal: Nothing we can find for its intended purpose, however, for area's where high puncture and wear resistance is critical also consider XAVAN by Dupont.

Ideally suited for:  up to ponds of 20,000 litres.
Other Liners of a superior type:   Xavan by DuPont   EPDM Proliner

0.8 mm PVC Pond Liner available 4, 6 and 8 metres in width
Roll Width - metres 4 m 6 m 8 m
Price per linear metre. $16.40 per m² $65.50 $98.40 $131.20

Select your width, then select how many metres you need in the shopping cart

*** Please note - the Qty you select will be the length in meters that we cut from the 4, 6 or 8m wide roll. If you want a piece which is 4m x 4m select a qty of 4 from the 4m wide option, for 4m x 5m select a qty of 5 from the 4m wide option etc. ***


0.8mm PVC Pond Liner 4 mtr wide
AUD 65.50
Qty Out of stock
0.8mm PVC Pond Liner 6 mtr wide
AUD 98.40
Qty Out of stock
0.8mm PVC Pond Liner 8 mtr wide
AUD 131.20
Qty Out of stock
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